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Diverse and passionate, cultural and breathtaking. There are many ways to describe this sophisticated yet laid back country. With a height of class, venture into the towns and cities for a shopping experience to die for, then relax and watch the world go by from a quaint pavement café. You can escape the hustle and bustle of city life with a relaxing trip to Italy’s stunning coastlines with incredible mountainous views.

Blessed with spectacular scenery, amazing cuisine and great cities, Italy is a truly mesmerising country. Enjoying a diversity all of its own, visitors return here year after year.

Stylish and cultured, blending art, history and contemporary fashion with beautiful natural landscapes and vibrant beach resorts, Italy really does have it all. Enjoy lingering alfresco lunches, scenic strolls and long hot days basking on bathing platforms above clear blue seas.

The bustling clifftop town of Sorrento enjoys sweeping views over the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. Ischia Porto offers the ideal base from which to explore neighbouring Capri and Naples, and is also home to thermal springs, spectacular volcanic terrain and a harbour dotted with restaurants and bars. Explore the 13th century castle in the charming resort of Malcesine, where walking, climbing, watersports and excellent local cuisine are all on offer here.

Things to Do in Italy

Art in Palazzo Abatellis Palermo’s Galleria Regionale della Sicilia provides the perfect backdrop to see some of Italy’s most serene art of a mostly sacred nature.

Granitas at Bar Vitelli Sit in the very location in the town of Savoca where Al Pacino, in his role as Michael Corleone in The Godfather, asks the patron for the hand in marriage of his daughter Apollonia.

Trekking Etna Feel the power of a planet boil under you as you hike up Europe’s most active and volatile volcano, the great Mount Etna.

Topping up the tan in Giardini Naxos Catch some rays in Sicily’s most action-packed and facilities-filled resort. Quiet and picturesque it might not be, but the proximity to Taormina and golden-sand beaches can’t be beaten.

Sunset strolling at Lido Mazzarò Join the chic set and stroll down the promenade in this seaside resort boasting easy access to the treasure that is Taormina.

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Monreale Cathedral Norman architecture reached its peak in this cathedral, considered one of the finest examples of construction from the medieval age.

Puppetry with Pinocchio Join the kids in watching marionettes move – as if by magic. Syracuse Theatre Sit down in the amphitheatre and watch some of the world’s oldest plays performed in front of your very eyes.

Getting lost in Taormina For travellers on a European Grand Tour during the 19th century, a stop in Taormina was a society must. Drawn to the winding streets, delicate flower blossoms and classical architecture, travellers fell in love, many choosing never to leave again.

Worshipping the Valle dei Templi This temple complex in Agrigento may be over 2,500 years old but it continues to inspire thanks to a combination of graceful lines and a superb natural setting.

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