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Children and Infants

Carriage of Infants (0-24months)

Infants must be over 6weeks (2 weekswith Thomas Cook Airlines) to travel by air and must either sit on an adults lap or occupy a car seat (infants must be at least 6months to occupy a car seat). If choosing to sit the infant on an adults lap, please see Child Price Conditions for prices.

If choosing to occupy a car seat, we recommend you contact the relevant airline for regulations for the car seat. If traveling with Thomas Cook Airlines contact Customer Services & Sales Team on 0844 855 0515 for information. Customers choosing this option will need to book a flight seat for the infant. The price of a seat for an infant will usually be the adult seat only price (but there may be discounts available).

Ask your travel agent to access Airfares at the time your booking is made for the current seat only price. Unfortunately we cannot offer this service on holidays including Good Friday and Easter Sunday. It is an airline regulation that children aged 2 or over must occupy a seat.

Children aged 2 or over on the RETURN flight must pay the appropriate child price of the holiday.

Infants Baggage Allowance on Thomas Cook Airlines flights

An allowance of 10kgs is available for infants flying with Thomas Cook Airlines – baggage must contain specific infant necessities such as nappies, bottles and baby accessories and this may be packed as part of adult baggage/luggage or can be packed separately.

Carriage of Unaccompanied Minors (under 16)

Thomas Cook Airlines will not accept children under the age of 16 years unless accompanied by an adult. Other airlines we use have similar restrictions, it is your responsibility to make appropriate enquiries with the airline direct before making a booking.

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